Looking for a sperm donor 26 and my dream is to be a mother

by Ellex » 27 Jan 2016

hi everyone I am a 26 year old female who is in a happy relationship and engaged have been for 4 years me and my boyfriend are not having any luck in the baby making department and his sperm count is very low we are looking into different options to have a baby and getting a sperm donor is one of them we live in Scotland and it's our dream to be parents! if there is anyone out there that has any advice??

by Songbird7 » 30 Jan 2016

Have tried a sperm donor?

by Joducan » 31 Jan 2016

Go and explore the medical options first, icsi is available on the nhs and is most likely the answer to your problems not a sperm donor.

by expteam » 01 Feb 2016

would be happy to help

by Chichicute » 02 Feb 2016

You need to ask your boyfriend to get some treatment first which you can get under the NHS, there is a treatment for low sperm count ok!!!

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