looking for a spearm doner prefrably by a gay man

by aminah » 31 May 2009

im 24 years of age ive been wanting to have a baby for a while now, the reason ive asked for a gay man to be a sperm doner as im sure there are gay men who would like to be a dad but can still continue on with there own lives and have a child be a part of there lives aswell, i never had a dad growing up so i do want my baby to have a dad in his life and im not looking to settle down with anyone as i like my own space.

by Halifaxlad28 » 04 Jul 2009

Hi Aminah

I'm gay, and would love to donate sperm for you, if that's what you're looking for.

However I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and 28 years of age working in the Civil Service.

Let me know

James :)

by Gman1 » 05 Jul 2009

hello, I'm bisexual, and think that this would be a great thing for me and you,
If you want to talk further about it add me on my email its on my user profile.


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