Looking for a healthy caucasian sperm donor

by Laura265 » 25 Apr 2020

My name is Laura, I’m a healthy 26 year and am manager of a pre-school class. I have worked with children for nearly 10 years.

I have a lovely life, good friends and most incredible family. I am so ready to become a mum after loving and nurturing many children over the years and being a fantastic aunt to my nephew and niece.

I am looking into sperm donation but would be open to

If anyone thinks they can make my dreams come true please get in touch.

by Kaydaz17 » 27 Apr 2020

Hi hope you are well with the current situation. Did you have any luck?

by JimM83 » 27 Apr 2020

Hi Laura would be happy to help if possible. Happy to discuss things further if you want. Send me a personal message if that's something you would like to consider.
Best wishes Jim

by Kaydaz17 » 28 Apr 2020

Can help

by JimM83 » 28 Apr 2020

Hi Laura would be interested in helping. Happy to discuss further if you want to pm me

by Utile » 09 May 2020

Hi there!

Ex-teacher, working with difficult children for 30 years.

All my brood have left, but keen to have more.

I may seem old, but I am very fit (raced for GB a couple of years ago) and am still very broody for more children. I own my own place and am still professional.

Keen to Co parent, but willing to accept a godfather role.

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