Looking for a guy serious about co-parenting - Sussex/London

by Brighto » 17 Aug 2016


I'm 36, female and gay. I'm looking for a guy (or even a gf) to co-parent with. I live in Shoreham, just outside Brighton and so realistically you would have to live or want to live in Brighton / Sussex or London at the furthest away.

I own my own home and currently am a single parent to a flat coat retriever (my first baby!) and would love to have 1 - 2 children and someone to share it with.

Sadly, most people who message me seem to want to just donate or live in an unrealistic distance for co-parenting or having regular contact. Please have a look at my profile and if your interested it would be great to hear from you. There must be a lovely guy out there who would like to bring up some children, have the advantages of not having their kids 24/7 through co-parenting and would like to teach their kids sports, fun things, how to write, going to the park etc, as well as changing the odd nappy!! lol!

by kieran68 » 08 Sep 2016

kieran ***@yahoo .comi tell u all about me

by salsa53 » 11 Sep 2016

Hi , Please check me out and send your details if i suit ? . Thanks Russ x

by Pedz » 09 Aug 2017

I am interested if ure still looking ?

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