Looking for a Father for my child

by kn5 » 03 Aug 2015


I'm kate, 32, single and currently living in the South. Looking for a man around my age interested in being a father to my child. Would love someone I could get along with so we can have a great friendship for our child. Ideally my potential match would be interested in giving our child a sibling at a later date.

Please contact me on co-parents or email me *** at gmail


by kn5 » 10 Aug 2015

I should be clear - my request is to find someone to make said child with .

by mt40 » 10 Aug 2015

Hi I was wondering what age range are you looking at for the potential father

by Dan635 » 25 Aug 2015

Where abouts in the south?

by Laurencebo » 18 Nov 2015

Looking for the right person to start a family with and like the idea of a future sibling.

by Niwh2 » 19 Nov 2015

Are you still looking?

by Plymouth » 28 Nov 2015


I'm in Plymouth. Where are you located?

If you are still looking, please get in touch.


by Biggem8 » 16 Dec 2016

Hi I live in Plymouth now and very egar to have a child and may be another at a later date with the same person. Please have a look at my profile and let me know if you are interested.

by SexyJay » 19 Dec 2016


I am local to you in the West Midlands, I have an exceptionally high sperm count and have the test results to show I am very fertile.

Please PM me for more information and details

Best Regards


by MichaelPaul » 31 Dec 2016

My name is Mikey, I 35, gay, and work as a palliative nurse in the community. I would like to be a father, and I guess the best way for me to do this is by co-parenting. I am nervous though as it is a big thing, and I would be devastated if for some reason the mother decided to run off, or met a man and wanted him to be 'the Dad'. So this isn't an easy thing to get involved in. But I am open, and I hope that I can meet some honest women and if the connection and trust is there, to start planning.
Hope to hear from you,

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