Looking for a father any access.

by Smileg7 » 11 Sep 2017

Last look before i leave. 39 year old female based in Peterborough looking for a father who is known to the child. Access can be 50/50 if local up to 3 monthly visits. Willing to consider distance. Caucasian or mediterranean background preferred. Sexuality not important. (I am heterosexual) AI only and if unsuccessful IVF.

Already have a nearly 3 year old through donation (and regular access) so have experience of this arrangement and it works well.

Picture can be sent via private message. please message me here or privately to chat :)

by Jtle » 13 Sep 2017

Hi I'd love to discuss this with you further john

by Tas123 » 18 Oct 2017


I am looking for people who want to co-parent. Are you still looking? Thanks

by Tas123 » 18 Oct 2017


Are you still looking for a co-parent match?

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