Looking for a donor

    by Bonny809      .      16 Oct 2020

    Looking for a donor in Cardiff please

    2 Replies

    Bonny809 on 16 Oct 2020

    Looking for a donor in Cardiff please

    Morpheus on 20 Oct 2020

    hi bonny,
    i can provide sperm for you. Below is my self-introduction.
    Genius-IQ over 140
    Never crawl when I am just a baby, skipped the step of crawling to walk.
    Passed A level Maths at 13
    Academic Club Chairperson
    Having good personality and comprehensive development

    Free to go everywhere
    Feel free to contact me for further discussion
    Please guarantee that you will give the best to the kids

    SAENG30 on 21 Oct 2020

    Hello I’ve just joined the site and could help, take a look at my profile if your interested give me a message.

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