Looking for a donor - North East

by Jsinger1 » 17 Feb 2019

Hi there, I am looking for a sperm donor to use the method of AI. Looking for a donor who will have no contact with any potential child to be conceived. I am currently a single mother of ONE looking to provide my little boy with a sibling. Looking for a donor who is White preferably as I would like a future child to resemble myself or my little boy who has fair hair and blue eyes, Myself I have dark hair and green/grey eyes.

by MrMoog » 19 Feb 2019

Hi Jsinger1

Healthy 35 year old male. Willing to donate to help singles and couples of any kind achieve their dream of having a child/children.

It was such a happy event for me when I became a father. I would love to help someone else have this joy in their life.

Will happily go through AI route. Would be willing to travel down as Newcastle is a short train ride. Fair headed and blue eyed

No major health problems and my own children are healthy.

Regards, Dale.

by KITSA » 09 Mar 2019

Hello. I would like to help you. Please see my profile. If you like it get in touch.

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