Looking for a donor near lancashire please x

by Sarahwil » 03 Jul 2020

Hello we have been trying for a baby for 8 years and it's been soul destroying trying for so long without any success. My husband has very poor health and we think its him who is infertile so we are looking for a sperm donor near or in lancashire. I want to stress that we are not looking for a coparent a new strictly looking for a donor only who will not want any further contact after donation. Contact after donation as friends is ok but we would be going to our local solicitors and getting something written up too say that you are only donating sperm and accept no parental responsibility. This is a first for us but it is our final thing to try while waiting for my gynaecology and maternity appointments. We would like to talk first and make sure we are all on the same page and ofcourse we would be very very greatful for the donor and will compensate travel expenses if necessary. Thank you for your time. Sarah and Will x

by SteFarm » 06 Jul 2020

Hi There, I’m in Lancashire and that’s quite a touching story x , what questions do you have for me? Cheers Ste

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