Looking for a donor in the UK for AI

by LJ2016 » 11 Feb 2016


I am a single (recently divorced), mother of one. My ex did not want children, so our relationship ended. I have a good stable job and have a loving and caring group of friends in the area (all with children). I have a positive outlook on life. I am a humanitarian worker by trade, but have recently (since 2014) turned to the field of academia.

I am looking for a donor for my second child. I used donor sperm from the california cyrobank for my first child, and had AI in a hospital. It was extremely costly, (over £3000). I want to find a donor who wants to help people that cannot have children on their own, and not just for the money. Don't get me wrong, my daughter is the best thing in my life and i would have paid as much as it cost to have her, but I think that it should not be so expensive to have a child and bring them into a loving home.

I am looking for a donor with ginger or brown hair and light eyes (blue/green/hazal), 180cm or above. Has a passion for something, and is kind to others. Pretty simple yeah?

I have a membership, so please send me a message and I will get back to you. I am looking to conceive in March 2016.

thank you.

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