Looking for a donor in the Home Counties or london

by Mimi1980 » 21 Jan 2017

Hey, we are looking for a donor to help expand our family. We would prefer a man with blonde or light brown hair and Blue Eyes preferably. Someone who is kind, caring and has an athletic build and not a time waster, who is able to commit to us to get the job done. A sense of humour would be nice as its a difficult/unusual situation to be in. We are looking for AI or NI no Contact afterwards, although would like a way of contact in the future just for peace of mind and we would provide this in return. We are willing to travel for the right person, or will Would be happy for you to travel to us and will provide a hotel room for the duration of your stay. We would like to see a clear STI certificate as do not wish to put our health at risk, so please do not reply if you cant provide this. We would also request that our donor has proven fertility for example children or proof from a clinic.
If you think you can help us, please get in contact
Many thanks

by svenedin » 05 Feb 2017

I would be happy to consider donating. Please get in touch if interested. I have blue eyes and blond hair.

by blueeyedoz » 19 Feb 2017

I'm keen also - please contact if interested.

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