looking for a co-parent

by hawkinsc » 19 Jun 2012

Hi there, im very new to this but wanted to introduce myself and hopefully meet some like minded people and maybe even a co-parent.
Im a nurse living in surrey in a rural area, im 35 years old and have been waiting for the right time, the right man etc to start a family, but ive realised it just wont happen if i wait any longer and have taken matters into my own hands!
I feel i can offer a child a great deal of love, kindness, wisdom, affection, experience and lots more...
I want a child because i dont want all i have experienced and gone through to have been for nothing, i want to be able to pass on my positive attributes and i want to leave someone in the world after ive left it..
its difficult to explain why i want a child, i just know it would be my greatest regret if i dont do it.
Im looking ideally for an active co-parent, i would need some financial input, but that can be discussed, and would want our child to know both of his/her parents.

If there is anyone out there that thinks we could help each other reach this extraordinary milestone together please email me on ********@aol.com

many thanks

by time23 » 26 Jun 2012

Hi claire, I understand, would like to talk


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