Looking for a co-parent(s) to 5 year old

by guadagnini » 16 Oct 2015


I am a young female (27), professional (Scientific field) living in the midlands, I work full time, own my own house and provide for myself and my son financially on my own . I have bought up my child alone for the past 5 years after the biological father did not want to know (he has never seen him either).

Looking for someone who could be a possible father figure (I don't mind more than one) to my child and also help me out with the care? I could return the favour by doing something for you also. I am not looking for money.

I would like to develop a friendship with the possible guy (s) first.

Let me know if interested.


by Prince2 » 16 Oct 2015

Could not find your profile here to PM you

by niceguy201 » 25 Oct 2015

Hi Lorenza

I think id be a good role model pm me please.

by adam32 » 28 Oct 2015

Hi lorenza

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