looking for a black woman to have a mix race baby

by DrVidri » 22 Feb 2019

I would love to have a mixed race baby, I am happy being just a sperm donor or co parenting. I have already a daughter who is mixed race and she has my green eyes and she is currently working as a model.

by NinaJ » 26 Feb 2019

Hello My Name is Nina

I am mixed raced but looking for a donor would you be interested.

Many thanks

by mizpetit » 03 Mar 2019

I’m a black woman and also want a mixed race baby. I am looking for a co parent as I believe it’s important for a child to have both parents. Let me know if you are interested

by Bessetoy » 08 Mar 2019

I am a black woman and I am also looking to have a mix race child as well.... Will you help me.

by HL1 » 12 Mar 2019

Hi I am looking to also have mixed race children

by zzyluv » 17 Mar 2019

hello, i am a black lady, contact me if you haven'tfound someone

by DHarding » 19 Mar 2019

I'm a white man with blue eyes and light brown hair interested in having a mixed race baby. Please contact me if you are interested.

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