Looking fo ai donor please in surrey near Heathrow

by An01na » 21 Jun 2016

Hi I'm looking for a white British donor via ai in the Heathrow area I'm Flexi and have got records no illnesses etc to

I' know it's a big ask but I believe if don't ask don't get motto in life

by brit05 » 28 Jun 2016

Hi I am a white British guy, live near Heathrow (Virgina water) would like to chat with you to discuss

by coz4x » 30 Jun 2016

hi im tall white and british perhaps we may make a nice child together lets compare genes

by An01na » 20 Nov 2016

Sorry I didn't get these replies and would still like to talk if ok ...

by An01na » 20 Nov 2016

Please message me if you want to talk seriously on the subject and I will reply to the private message thanks in advance .. Search for an01na to send the message

by Jazz29 » 23 Nov 2016

Hi what about indian man its ok with you

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