Looking ahead.... to meet the right co-parent for early 2018

by Smileg7 » 27 Nov 2016

Hi everyone. I am hoping to conceive a child in early 2018. I am seeking someone who i can get to know a little bit before this time. I am not in a rush to find the right person but may go ahead earlier if i find them.

I am a single heterosexual female living in Peterborough. I have a 2 year old who has a developmental delay due to current unexplained cause. Ideally i wanted to provide a sibling with a 2 year age gap but this hasnt been possible. Conception of DD3 took a long time and to minimise the above issue as much as possible i will only be able to consider a donor / coparent who is happy to donate sperm to a clinic for IVF with genetic testing. This will of little cost to you.

DD1 and DD2 are adult children not living at home.

The ideal person is someone who would like some contact as it is important for the child to know who their father is. This can be from 50/50% coparenting if you are local (or move locally) to as little as twice/three times a year. I am not looking for a sperm donor with no contact after.

Please private message me to talk further :)

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