Long term lesbian couple looking for donor.

by AmbPam » 01 Nov 2018

Myself and my partner have been together for 7 years and with the 2 boys my partner has we would love to have one together to call our own, looking for a donor who wants no part in the child's life, we want a lovely healthy baby no matter what gender, but as my partner has 2 boys a little girl would be lovely! So if you have more girls genetically please get in touch!

by Happy71 » 22 Nov 2018

Hi, where are you at?

by Giarc17 » 24 Nov 2018

Heey! :) I would be more than willing to help you if you are still looking for someone :)

by Giarc17 » 24 Nov 2018

Hi!! If youre still looking for someone I'd be more than willing to donate! Im not 100% sure if im genetically more likely to have a girl, but there are a lot of girls in my family so possibly.

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