long term lesbian couple desperately wanting a child

by park145 » 12 Jun 2012

My partner and I are engaged and really wanting to have a baby. We have tried a friend but he wasnt sure. So this is the only option now :)

by kell25 » 13 Jun 2012

This website is fantastic, i uploaded a profile for my sister and her wife and we had many replies to which we are now going ahead at our second attempt tonight. Please be patient. If you need any help or advice this is our second time we have done this with one been a success and i have a beautiful niece. You are welcome to contact me anytime.
If not good luck in your search

by TheProf » 06 Nov 2012

I may be able to help. Check out my profile and post on this forum and get in touch.

by drnemo » 18 Nov 2012

I hope you've been helped already, but if you're still looking, I'm willing to help!!

by jooflo » 30 Nov 2012

Hey Ladies,

Im Florian from Germany.... Gay guy here... I would be soo happy to help you...

Best Florian

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