Londoner(female) seeking coparent option only

by genbaby » 16 Feb 2016

42 year old female-mixed race seeks a coparent preferably under 42 years old.Im bordering on Kent and would ideally like someone within reach who could share the experience and fatherhood.

by mike855 » 27 Feb 2016

Hi are you still looking for the help

by Leon1988 » 27 Feb 2016

Hi I'm not too far from you and would like to co-parent. I'm really wanting to be a father!

by JadeB123 » 10 Mar 2016

Hi I do not live far from you, I'm actually quite close. I'm mixed race, male, 26 years of age. If you're interested let me know.

by real1 » 20 Jun 2016

Clean and healthy young donor.

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