London sperm donor here

by gndonor » 31 Oct 2013

Hello, I would like to offer my sperm to any woman wishing to conceive a baby.

I would be happy to provide my sperm for you to inseminate using a syringe.

Some information about myself: I am 5'10", slim to medium build, caucasian. I have straight, non-wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have no illnesses or allergies and I rarely get sick. My family have no genetic predisposition to any type of diseases or cancers. Another thing I could say is that none of the males on either side of my family suffer from male pattern baldness. My father who is in his 50s has a full and thick head of hair, as does his father and it is the same with the males on my mother's side. Therefore if you were to have a baby boy, the chance of him going bald as he gets older are small.

If you are interested then please send me an email. This offer is completely serious so please only contact me if you are genuinely interested. Thank you.

by pixie29 » 13 Nov 2013

Hi are you still available for donating?

by sacs08 » 26 Nov 2013

Hi. Are you still actively seeking to donate sperm? Please message me if you are thanks.

by kc2014 » 13 Jan 2015

Hello. Are you still interested in donating?

by kc2014 » 13 Jan 2015

Hello. Are you still interested in donating?

by Pink123 » 28 Jan 2015

are you still interested in donating?

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