London - Looking to coparent

by broody » 11 Sep 2017


I've already got a toddler through a past relationship but would like to give her siblings. I am an attractive black female blessed with a youthful look.

I'm interested in someone who would want to have more than one child with me and looking for someone possibly close to my age.

I am not looking for anyone married and would prefer someone who didn't smoke or have a love for the bottle.

If a relationship develops I would welcome it, otherwise I'll be happy with just co-parenting. I would prefer though for it to be in a relationship.

Thanks for reading.

by Kazy75 » 16 Sep 2017

I am moved by your profile and it match my requirements of a good mother.
I am interested in Coparent with you.
Kindly message me and let talk further

by Timmy1 » 17 Sep 2017

Hey there maybe we could be a good match?

by broody » 18 Sep 2017


Thanks for responses. Maybe we could be. Fingers crossed. Will be in touch.

by broody » 18 Sep 2017

Oops couldn't contact as haven't gotten round to the subscription matter yet.

To be honest... Distance is going to be a bit of an issue here as I'm interested in someone who would be interested in daily lives for example school runs... Unless of course there's a passion to travel.

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