London female seeking gay man/couple for co parenting..

by Lisa2018 » 15 Apr 2018

Hello. I am white British attractive female with green eyes and light brown hair, intelligent, creative and based in a lovely part of town in West London and just turned 39. I am in excellent health, due to a long term healthy lifestyle and a combination of sheer luck I am still very much in the runnings to reproduce.
However, I would still like to be of an age to be able to keep up with a young child so feel now is the right time to take these steps.
The real hard work is finding the right person/person whom you can make this work with. When all is said and done, I just really want to meet some one who is down to earth, open, easy going and that I could be friends with.
I am a firm believer that it is essential to be raised in a happy home to give you the best start in life, and that takes priority over any ones traditional views on what that family unit must consist of. I have considered the anonymous donation route but I am certain it would be in the best interest of any child to have a Father figure - or two!

I would love to meet a gay man or gay couple that would like to donate on the basis of co parenting and I am open to discussing a number of potential roles for us as parents.

Please message me for a chat, I'm open to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

by lusobraz » 22 Apr 2018

hi :) I loved your description, I m interested. if you want to meet, perhaps in a coffeeshop so we can talk and share thoughts... just say something and we ll see. if not interested its ok.
kind regards! Joe

by Bhugo3 » 27 Jun 2018

Hi I’m very interested. Please check my profile and msg me

by Bhugo3 » 27 Jun 2018

Hi Lisa, I hope you well. I’m very much interested, please check my profile and respond. Regards


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