London Donor

by Martin7A » 21 Jul 2019

London Donor Available, healthy and STI tested, and farther to 6 healthy children, Happy to either be a donor or co parent,

by CrisA » 26 Jul 2019

Hi are you available for Al?

by Martin7A » 31 Jul 2019

Yes happy to do AI what area are you in ?

by Nestle22 » 13 Aug 2019

Hi, me & my wife are long for a donor we live in the SE. Would you be able to help out if we organised a pick up via delivery service? Or any other way... thank you

by Martin7A » 15 Aug 2019

Hi Nestle22 happy to help you guys out but best way for AI is a fresh delivery 3 or 4 days at the right time of the month So happy to come to Kent near you guys in my motor home. for best results keeping a high spam count no sex for me for 28 days, plus all tests results back clear and clean on the 05/08/19 and up to date for you to see, so ready to go. let's make babies..........

by Martin7A » 15 Oct 2019

Here to help but please no more time wasters it makes it hard for the genuine

by Martin7A » 14 Jan 2020

I have helped 2 couples with home AI and happy to say both are pregnant so if any wish for AI in London get in touch

by goggins » 19 Jan 2020

Hi Martin7A, I’m new to this forum so not sure how to message you for further information etc. Are you able to PM me? Thanks!!

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