Live Together & Coparent!

by UKMale » 10 Oct 2016

Hey there,

I am a 24 year old mostly gay male looking to become a parent. I have been travelling a lot over the last few years but now I am ready to settle down and have a child.

Although I identify primarily as gay, I am looking to procreate the natural way and I want to be heavily involved in the child's life. I am not looking to just be a donor. In fact, the scenario I would like is living together with a single bisexual/lesbian woman and raising the child together, at least while the child is growing up.

I do feel attraction to men but for me having children and passing on my DNA is extremely important. One of the happiest days of my life was when I was made Godson of my nephew, I have got a lot of nieces and nephews and I have always wanted my own children.

I am currently living in Devon and would prefer somewhere closeby so that my family can get to know the child and be involved in his/her life.

I hope that there is a lady out there looking for the same thing as me, I once saw a couple on a talkshow who have done the same thing and I have seen stories online but I am finding it hard to get information about these kinds of relationships.

I feel it is very important for both parents to have a key role in the child's life.

I am a very, caring empathetic person and I am sure I would be an excellent father.

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