LGB co-parenting

by Ems85 » 06 Feb 2019

Hi, are there any other LGB people who have co-parented or are considering it who would like to chat?

by MillieH » 24 Mar 2019

I’m considering it and would love to chat!

by Anto34LN » 01 Apr 2019


Im considering coparenting so very happy to talk!

by AJ40 » 10 May 2019

We are male gay couple already co parenting and exploring this again. Love to chat.

by ARC79 » 15 May 2019

My lesbian partner and I would love to discuss this with others as we are beginning to explore the same option.

by Jamesy » 16 May 2019

Love to join in, im finding meeting nice genuine people so so hard

by Criskool » 14 Dec 2019

Yeah Id love to have a chat with you, just send me a photo and a message, as long as your serious about wanting a child. Always talk to me via video camera when Im online.

by AKIS » 31 Dec 2019

Hello I single man and I am looking for co-parenting

by Tom92 » 05 Aug 2020

Hi, this is something I am looking for. It has always been my dream to be a father and I want to make it a reality.

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