Let’s create something special

by KevinM » 21 Jan 2018

Hi all,

I am decent guy living in Bedfordshire looking for a friendly, big hearted woman who is after a co-parent situation (and I would also consider sperm donation). I’m white british, with dark hair, brown eyes and, I like to think, a winning smile. Degree educated, ambitious with a fair share of creative genes mixed in too.

If you are looking for a happy chap, who is kind and considerate, to create something really special with then let me know

Be great to hear from you

by Holly34f » 31 Jan 2018

Kind of a shame you are in Bedfordshire, I'm down in East Sussex and sounds like we have similar values.

I'm not subscribed, as I'm extremely interested but somewhat dubious still of just how viable it is to find someone viable to tie my lift to and trust to put the child first.

Hoping chatting on the forum will put my.mond more at ease.

From a male perspective looking to conparent, what kind of worries and concerns do you find yourself having?

Holly x

by Kate40 » 11 Feb 2019


U still looking ?
Inbox me lets talk


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