lesbian looking for male coparent or donor

by jcoles » 18 May 2020

I'm a single lesbian looking for a gay man who wants to be a father.
I am happy to do most of the parenting myself but I think it would be good for the child to know his/her dad. If you'd like more involvement, that would be good for the child, but no obligation.
I get on with most people and since it isn't a romantic quest, I hope we could be good friends.
Of course we would have to talk initially and get to know each other, and meet when we can.
Who is interested in having a conversation about it?

by TevaLDN » 30 May 2020

Good evening jcoles,

I hope you are well with this current situation. I just found your message and find it interesting. I have for wish to become a daddy and / or an happy donor. Giving life it the best gift we can offer in this world.

To present my self I’m 30 years gay professional guy based in london. I’m originally from France and been living here since 2014 and no wish to go back to my country.

I m kind and active person. I will be happy to chat with you :)

Good evening

by ladyhumo » 05 Aug 2020

How did it work out? Also gay woman looking for a sperm donor or potential coparenting.

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