Lesbian Couple wanting Sperm Donor in Taree area

by Tanya922 » 04 Jul 2012

Lesbian Couple wanting Sperm Donor in Taree area

My wife and I have been together for over 3 years and would like to have a child of our own as I already have a child. We would like the donor to travel to us as we are unable to travel at this point of time due to commitments and we would pay for one night accommodation.

We are in our late 30s and time is getting on. We do not want the donor to be involved in our childs life but when the child turns 18 years old we would not stop them from knowing or making contact with the sperm donor if and only the donor wishes.

We are both healthy women and financialy able to raise children in a safe, nurturing environment.

Thank You :D

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