Lesbian couple in the Netherlands looking for a sperm donor

by River85 » 01 Jul 2011

Hi everyone, my partner and me are looking for a sperm donor who is preferably living in The Netherlands. We are looking for either a white or biracial (half black, half white) donor. We would preferably like the donor to be just a donor with no interest in bringing up the child. However if the donor would like some input, then we are open to discussing that. My partner would be the one to conceive first and if things go well, then I will conceive the second child in the future. It would be great to have the same sperm donor for both of us so that our children have a biological link. If you think you can help, please reply here, thanks!

by italyguy » 02 Jul 2011

if you can fly to italy for a weekend or more, i would love to help you.

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