Lesbian Couple in Sheffield looking for donor

by Babybel » 08 Mar 2014

Hi there,

We are a lesbian (engaged) couple wanting to try and find a Donor for AI only to help us begin our journey of starting a family. We both work full time and are on here to try and find a suitable male to help us conceive. As we're looking to do the Insemination at home, we would ideally like to have the donor come to our house, and will of course respect their privacy as much as is possible. We would like the donor to be aged no younger than mid-twenties, as we feel a family man that is more wanting to help a childless couple (or even already has children of their own) would be a fairer situation for him. Contact-wise, we know a few couples where the donor is played from donor-father status at a whim, which we feel is not fair on the man, or the consequent child. We feel it would be nice for the child to know (if they ever asked) who their father was of course, but if we found the right Donor and that was a no-go we would respect your decision with that fully and can discuss that.

Regardless of the finer details, our only goal is to bring a child into this world with all the love we have to give and were not gifted the ability to naturally create, the rest is of course negotiable.

Thankyou for reading, please get in touch if you feel you could help us.

Babybel :)

by barnsle » 28 Sep 2014

Is barnsley closeby?

by trev234 » 16 Oct 2014

I'm fairly close and would be interested in talking further

by TheJoy » 05 Nov 2014

id like to talk more??

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