Lesbian couple seeking sperm donor North West England

by Wish2016 » 08 Jun 2016

Me and my wife began the journey for a family around 18 months ago. We thought all our dreams had come true last year but sadly we lost the baby at just 8 weeks. Since this our need for a family has got stronger.
After 10 rounds of IUI at a clinic in Manchester we are now unfortunately in a position that leaves our money pot empty.
We are looking for a donor that will obviously donate but also someone who would be there in the future should a child need to contact them.
We want to be the parents but we also believe it's the child's choice as to whether they would want to meet with the donor to see where they came from or find out about siblings.
If you think you could help please contact us

by steve33 » 06 Aug 2016

sorry to hear that please do look at my profile i have made a girl pregnant nearly 4 months ago thats who told me about here, if my profile seems ok please do get back steve

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