Lesbian couple needing some advice please!?

by stacy83 » 27 May 2013


Can someone help me out here please. Me and my partner would like to have a baby. we would ideally like two.

So we are looking for a donor in scotland but also can someone please answer for me...... my partner would like to carry my baby for me so can anyone give us advice on if we can do it here in scotland where my egg would be fused with the sperm donors eggs then inseminated into my partners body to carry for us???

I know it sounds a lot but we dont know whether its easier to go to europe to get that done or if we can do it here in the uk?

by LouAng » 27 Jun 2013

Hi guys, have you got any further with your questions?? I only ask as if you were prepared to travel to the north east England there is a private clinic called London's Women's clinic (the organisation originated in London) who do partner egg sharing.

Lou & Angela :-)

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