Lesbian couple looking for sperm donor in melbourne!

by bailey6 » 28 Jul 2012

Hi i am looking for a donor to donate sperm , as we would love to start a family.
i have done this all before but i mis-carried and had a few arguments afterwards with this donor (thats what happens when you ask a friend to do it) now im back to square one trying to find a nice guy to do a generous thing :)
i really you get in contact with me if your interested i hope to hear from you soon
lat hotmail dotcom :) :D

by eric200 » 02 Aug 2012

hi iam willing to give my sperm but for that you have to have sex with me, even your partner will be allowed to attend our sex party. You can contact me on ****@yahoo.com donot worry i will not harm you and wil bel gentle as well as friendly with you.

by mummas » 10 Aug 2012

attention > Eric you are sick and disturbed and the lesbian community feel for you as you would have to stoop so low to pray on lesbians to get any sexual pleasure. Maybe you should visit nite clubs where you could possibly get a one night stand.

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