lesbian couple looking for sperm donor. No contact.

by tezelle » 12 Jan 2013

Loving lesbian couple seeking sperm donor to help make our dreams come true.
Essential there is no contact after successful insemintaion, due to wanting to be a close family unit.
Were both desperate to find someone, and have been looking for months now, and keep hitting a very large brick wall.
Were not rich so cant afford to go through the NHS as that would take us about 20 years :? .
From the Milton Keynes area, and if you could help or any advice would very much be appreciatd as the lack of help is stopping us from moving forward.
We know that we would make amazing parents, just being given the opportunity is what were waiting for.

Thanks for you time reading this, and look forward to hearing from anyone.

Ellen and Terri :)

by Jack41 » 20 Jan 2013

Hi tezelle

I am Jack a single - male from Milton Keynes.

I am 26 well educated with two master degrees and a batchelor degree from top universities.

I am ready to conceived via AI+PI and via NI too if that can change your life.

I am 6ft tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes and a medium build. I have a very easy going personality and a good sense of humour. I am genuine reliable discreet honest and non pushy.

My hobbies and sport - Football, Chess, Photography, Reading, Cricket, Squash.

I am happy to help out to gift a life.

Happy to discuss your requirements, be honest with me and you will receive honesty in return.

Thank you
healthy sperm donor via AI - PI - NI
Hope you get your wish

by Yngmale » 23 Jan 2013

Reading through this I can see how much you both would love to be a family and have a child. It's nice to actually see a decent message left to read.
I am a young male in my 20's and am already a father of 2 beautiful intelligent children.
I'm looking to make a difference and give someone the opportunity of becoming parents.

I live in London but would be prepared to travel as I drive , healthy , dark hair and eyes and come from an Italian background but was born here and speak fluent English .... As you can tell:)
I'm looking to be a donor by any method but nothing more. Just want to help , have a look at my profile and let me know if I can help.

Thanks x

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