Lesbian couple looking for our genuine donor.

by BelleC » 18 Dec 2017

We’re a lesbian couple in our mid twenties looking for a genuine, committed donor. We intend for our first try to be in October but really want the chance to get to know our donor as it is such an important decision. We are really looking for someone who will stick with us for siblings and who would be happy to meet any donor conceived children if they ask for this as we will be honest with our children about their donor.
We live in Lincolnshire, are both in full time employment and own a lovely family home. We have supportive family and friends and can offer a loving home and we are getting a civil partnership this year to ensure parental rights and security.
We’re happy to travel or provide accommodation and would like to meet or at least FaceTime before the first donation.
We are ideally looking for someone who is around 6ft with brown hair and either green or blue eyes (as we both have brown hair and greeny eyes) however getting on with you as a person and having similar interests is the most important thing.
Drop us a message if you think you could be a match.

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