Lesbian couple looking for AI donor

by Rnb972 » 07 Sep 2017


My partner and I are looking for a genuine AI donor to help make our dreams of having a family come true. This is the beginning of our search so maybe someone who has been through the whole process before could guide us. We are in the north west of England. Let us know if you think you could help us!

by SG23Alex » 09 Sep 2017

I'm not near you but the steps are clear

1) Agree on the genetics and appearence you would like the donor to have

2) Advertise everywhere, find that donor

3) Talk to/meet the donor, this is to;
a) Make sure you trust him (you don't want some one lying about there sexual health, pushing last minute for NI, breaking a no contact agreement or hiding a dodgy genetic history, etc.)
b) You know how available and committed to ensuring your pregnancy he is
c) Agree any details (Time and place, contact, paternal rights, etc.)

4) Familiarise your self with the procedure, (maximise you % chances of getting pregnant per donation)

5) The birds, the bees and the syringes

6) Raise a child in a loving home

by MPC0111 » 14 Nov 2017

Hows the search gone?

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