Lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor.

by JasminSh » 10 Jun 2018

A lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor with blonde hair and blue eyes so the baby my potentially look like my other two children.

by Doncrip » 25 Jun 2018

I am very sure that you will be able to find a good match with me. I am 6"3 Blue eyed blonde hair and muscled open up to me and I will love really. Reply to me Discreetly ***.

by Mattmadd » 27 Jun 2018

I had blonde hair and blue eyes when i was a kid, it proves its in my jeans as i have a child already with both. Feel free to message

by Kris » 08 Jul 2018

Hi my son has got blue eyes and blonde hair. I can show you pics. I’m no smoker no drinker, absolutely healthy. Please have a look at my profile and send a message if interested.

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