Lesbian couple looking for a black sperm donor in Sweden

by Bordom » 13 May 2012

Lesbian couple looking for a black sperm donor in Sweden
we are two girls in our 30's that are in loving and steady relationship. We live near Malmö and are already in line for insemination in RMC Centar we got the green light for a procedure which means we are OK physically and mentally and we are in a healthy relationship. The only thing we are missing and that is is sperm, we would like to have a donor that is Black/African origin and there is not one sperm deposit in a hospitals storage (we got information that they have not got one sperm deposit from black donor in last 23 years). That is why we have to find a donor ourself. If You see Your self in somewhere in all this or you have more questions about the procedure in Sweden please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. E-mail is ****...yahoo.de. Hope someone can help us.


by johny » 05 Jun 2012

Hi' guys I can help.... if you are still looking. But you would need to come to London...let me know.

by Caribdonor » 10 Jul 2012

Feel free to get in touch if you get to travel to London UK?

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