Lesbian Couple in Western MN

by Curtrice2 » 11 Dec 2009

I originally posted this under US Sperm Donor, but it seems like this one gets a bit more traffic!
We are a lesbian couple from the Wheaton area of MN (Western MN) and we are looking for a donor AI only. We are in a stable committed relationship and we have a 3 year old right now from my girlfriend but we would like to have another child from me. I was always told that I would not be able to conceive by my doctors back home in So. Cal, but have learned otherwise out here. We are looking preferably for someone hispanic, caucasian, asian, or of mixed decent. They must be clean and be able to tell us a bit about their family history medically. We would also need to see pictures of the prospective donor. You wouldn't have to be involved in the child's upbringing if you so chose to, but ideally we would like for the donor to at least be known because we all like to know where we come from. Also there would be no expectations or desires of any parental rights, responsibilities, or child support from the donor. I am of Cuban, Egyptian and Mexican descent and my girlfriend is black american with traces of caucasian and native american decent. We hope that someone will step up and leave us a message so that we can complete our family and I can finally do what I was told was taken away from me. Thank you in advance.
Nicole and Curtrice

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