Lesbian couple, 22 & 18 looking for a sperm donor!

by nadsoph » 05 Feb 2012

Me and My girlfriend are obviously in a civil/lesbian relationship and are now looking for a sperm donor to help us bring a child into the world.
We would prefer if there was no contact after and also would be great if we could use the same sperm donor when we are ready to bring another child into our lifes so possible keep contact details for that reason only.
I am 23 this year, my girlfriend is 19 this year, we are not to bothered on age but anyone between 20-35ish would be preferred.
White british/mediteranian would also be preferred but again very negotiable.
we would love to be able to bring a child into the world before 2013 but will take things day by day.

please get back to me when you can and i will message you further details if you are interested in helping us

by spintis » 17 Feb 2012

Hey. i am 22, 185cm brown hair. its my first time but i would like to help. only thing is that im in ipswich

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