Leeds / West Yorkshire Based Sperm Donor Available

by jonleed » 16 Feb 2015


I'd like to help anyone have a child, I'm a divorced guy in my mid-30s. I'm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and I can travel within the region. I'm a little bit in the dark how this works but from what I can gather I'm happy to volunteer for AI (Artificial Insemination) as well as NI (Natural Insemination). I have no requirement for furthur contact other than the initial donation. I'm white / British ethnicity and I have dark brown hair with green eyes and freckles (my grandfather was Irish!). Myself and my family have a good standard of health with no hereditary diseases. I'm not allergic to anything, I dont even wear spectacles!

So if you need my help then drop me a line.

many thanks


by clairef » 18 Feb 2015

Hi jhonny im claire me and my partner are looking for a donor and you sound like what where looking for
Was wondering if you would be up for helping us we only want AI donor and can travel to you or meet half way or you would be more than welcome to come to our home once where all happy on the situation thank you claire

by klh » 26 Feb 2015

Hi johnny

We are a lesbian married couple who have longed to start a family of out own.

we are in east Yorkshire but we are willing to travel if you consider us too far for yourself to travel to us.
I like the fact you have freckles as my wife is naturally blonde with blue eyes and has freckles which I love and would love that to be carried onto our children.

I myself have brown hair and hazel eyes. so bringing certain aspects of your physical appearance to our child would resemble my wife. if you could reply on here whether you would consider us for you donations that would be fantastic. many thanks

Kayleigh x

by lesleyn » 26 Feb 2015

Hi Johnny, I'm a single female who would really like to have a child. I feel this is the way I would like to go. I don't live too far away and you seem perfect.

Look forward to hearing from you


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