Leeds sperm donor

by MDinLDS » 11 Nov 2018

Hi, joined and I'm hoping to help. I'm a professional guy, with 2 kids. I'm happy to help in and around the Leeds area, unfortunately my time is limited but I believe I am a very good donor to help someone if we can get the timing right.

by Gemmaa89 » 23 Nov 2018

Hi, we maybe interested.

by Single91 » 01 Dec 2018

Hi am interested but I don't know how to look at anyone pro

by Bubble04 » 09 Dec 2018

I might be interested. What time frames are you looking at?

by Jennavon » 12 Dec 2018

Hello, I live very close by in Wakefield. So there's a good chance we could get the timing right. Would love to hear more from you?

by NC12 » 02 Jan 2019


We may be interested

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