Lady looking for a fab dad

by shelly2 » 28 May 2010

Hi I have thought about this for a number of years and always wanted a child and never had the courage to look for a active dad.
I have my little bilogical clock is ticking and I have my own little home but only 2 cats to keep me company would love to a have a little bundle of joy to share my life with and be proud off.

I do have job and work with young people all day but to be with a little one would make a great deal to me. I am not after a relationship or finanicial gain.

I just want a fun loving dad for the little bundle of joy we could bring into the world and be a big part in their life and stand proud watching the little one grow.

I feel very strongly about this as my dad was a big part of my life and I feel a little one should have this as well

Can you help please :D

by matthew32 » 22 Jul 2010

Lets talk more matt at *********

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