Lady, 38. looking for gay -man/couple, donor/Co-parents

by alimou » 24 Jun 2016

Hi there !
I am a London based female who is 38 and in very good health, who would love to meet a gay man or couple that would like to donate on a non anonymous basis. Essentially I want my child to have a father figure, or two! I am open to a co-parenting situation also. I'm hoping to find someone who is just a cool guy really... someone who I would probably be friends with if I met. I have no photo up at the moment, but I am attractive and well educated, with a huge, wonderful , supportive and successful family. I am an aunty to 10 nieces and nephews and a godmother to 2 of them.
It is a strange thing to find ourselves on this site yes, but a female gay couple who are friends of mine, did similar and are just about to have their first baby with a great donor who they are now friends with.
I am new to this site so not sure how it all works. Please contact me if the above sounds of interest.

by noonoo67 » 27 Jun 2016

Hello , I'm very interested in opening up a conversation with regarding donorship.
Please let me know if you would like to know more about me.
Kind regards,

by brit05 » 28 Jun 2016

Your listing is very thoughtful and sincere, would like to connect and see if I can help.

I live close to London, Virgina water.


by Mrlita » 02 Aug 2016

Hello . I am a black gay male . Looking too be a dad , I just read your profile which is very appealing to me . Looking for someone who has the same understanding as I have . I live in north London , I have pictures on request .. If your interested please contact me .

by poet » 14 Aug 2016

I am interested in helping
Heres more about me:
Looking to coparent or donation-method AI or NI is fine. I am happy to leave parameters of contact with the mother. I would like to help a couple or mother conceive/have a baby or coparent-whichever is needed.Genuine and positively friendly to be with, good sense of humour, intelligent,educated ,solvent and financially stable, creative, pleasant personality, spiritual, caring, good listener ,broadminded, fit, healthy, domesticated, kind hearted ,working on new writing projects and temping so life is quite busy. I am far from perfect but am open and honest about things.I have 2 healthy intelligent boys from a previous relationship.Had a recent sperm test count is healthy and positive. I do not sleep around and never cheated on my ex in 17 years! BTW-I donate blood regularly to the NHS so I know I'm healthy!

All the best for the future


by Turcotti » 19 Aug 2016

I would like to help
I am a 32 years old gay guy and I am ready to have a child. I don't mind if you are a straight woman or lesbian or lesbian couple. All I would love is to be involved with raising this baby at least on a part time basis. I am educated, professional and very caring.
Ideally I will find a woman in East Sussex area and London who has similar interests.

by ablkman » 22 Nov 2016

did you find anybody yet?

by ablkman » 22 Nov 2016

I would be interested Im new on this site. but have a pic. I live in London. Like to go out. Used to be a teacher. thinking its about time, Im older and like to think wiser, my mother would also be very happy - shes a so had vegetarian meals. Ok, im rambling. Maybe we should talk and see if there is a match?

by A-G » 26 Jan 2017

Hi Im interested in meeting up and exploring our mutual needs/desires

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