Ladies read this before you make a decision!

by life4 » 19 Apr 2015

Hello everyone,

I understand there are now a lot of people on here, blokes, who have alternative motives (some of the poor women who have received this terrible kind of messages) and aren't always completely honest, or in short terms want to get their leg over, what ever your choice AI or NI someone who genuinely want's to help you should be happy with your decision at the end of the day and shouldn't force you to one or the other.

I registered to this site to help such people but I missed a few message notifications of people I would have been able to help as I forgot my password, I'm back on now however. I'm a single bloke, 6ft, brown hair and brown eyes who would love to help an individual or couple to create or add to their own family. I live in the United Kingdom. If you want to check my profile you can find it here: life4

Good luck and I wish you all the best having a baby!

by shelvix » 28 Apr 2015

Hello, where are you from:)

by Rini22 » 06 Jul 2015

Hi my name is Michelle and I'm 35 and I want desperately to add to my family but I only want to get pregnant by artificially inseminating myself. I'm an open book so please ask any questions and I can let you know if the donation and insemination are successful if you want to know.
As u are 6ft with dark hair and eyes then your the type I would like to donate sperm
I'm new to this but another baby is what I want desperately. You can email me at ***
Thankyou in advance

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