journalist writing a story for a UK Sunday newspaper

by webmaster » 27 May 2011

I am a journalist writing a story for a UK Sunday newspaper on the growing
popularity of co-parenting websites and agencies.

I am looking to interview a couple or one half of a couple who are raising a
child with a platonic partner as 'co-parents.'

It may be that you had fertility treatment to have your child, or it may be
that you found each other after the child was born.

Maybe you live together as platonic partners or maybe you live separately
but have established an effective routine for sharing the parenting duties.

I would like to interview you on how your relationship fits with your life
and your views on whether you think it is less complicated than a
traditional romantic relationship. It would require a 30 min telephone

YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS IF REQUIRED. Please email me in confidence on
[email protected]

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