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by matt922 » 03 Nov 2010

I can imagine the want for a child would be similar to desire to give your child the best start. I am a farther of 3 healthy amazing children and have been made redundant.

I dont know how this will come across i guess the people who will read this will be the judge of that.

I am looking to train as a new career and while i do this will be unemployed. I dont mind strugling through for the next 3 years through uni but i would like to make sure that my children do not miss out, when i say miss out i dont mean on expensive holidays i mean by having new clothes when needed etc

I am looking for donations to fund this and in return i will help women get pregnant. This will be an unlimited supply and would be as an when needed. I live a very healthy life and do not smoke,drink i do have a sweet tooth but i am in great condition. I would of course have full checks carried out.

I would want this to be annoymous and i would like to remain private and this simple be a donation and once you have been blessed then there would be no further contact.

I am not trying to take advantage of someones desire for a child i just have been dealt a few bad hands in life with work and would do anything for my children not to be affected.

I anxiously await your responces.

by matt922 » 04 Nov 2010

carly julie if you would like to post your message on here. thanks

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