Interested in Co-Parenting in Ireland

by Kev72 » 19 Sep 2019

Hi, I’m a caring, funny, ambitious and genuine guy who would love to have children. I’ve always wanted to have children but, unfortunately, life, with its twists and turns, meant it hasn't happened yet. I believe in every child having a good upbringing, a loving mother and father, a good education and i would want to play my part. I’m easy going, healthy, in my mid-40s and live in Dublin.

Not sure how it all would work but I thought I’d post here and see.


by Irish79 » 09 Dec 2019

I'm looking to Co parent also. I'm a professional living in Derry
Is that too far away or would you be willing to travel? I'm 40 but healthy and very health conscious. Same as yourself, always wanted kids but life didn't turn out the way I expected and I still can't believe I'm 40, haha.

by Tuppence » 15 Dec 2019

Hi, May well be interested in co parenting with you.

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