Intelligent, healthy donor available in London

by TheProf » 07 Nov 2012

I have my own, happy family and for us conception was incredibly easy; we were certainly blessed. However, I have witnessed many good friends go through the physical and emotional turmoil of trying to conceive, not to mention single ladies and lesbian couples who may find it difficult to find the right sperm. So I hope that I can help somebody on here.

A little about me without giving too much away on a public forum. I'm a white, British professor in my mid-thirties. I consider myself intelligent, fun, gregarious and successful but you may be the judge of that. I'm tall, dark and handsome although I would never profess to have model looks, and I'm fit, healthy and sporty although I'm no Bradley Wiggins. You can my other attributes on my profile if they are important.

I live in London but would consider travelling a little for the right person. For me, it's very important that the recipient be fit, healthy and both emotionally and financially capable of supporting any child. I am here to help you conceive but I am looking to remain anonymous and to have no role in co-parenting.

I am completely new to this but, at present, I am looking to donate via NI although with time perhaps I could be talked into AI. At the moment it's a little off-putting.

Please get in touch if you want to chat about this.

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