Intelligent, attractive woman seeks co-parent/ donor

by Morna » 18 Feb 2016


I've spent my life working, writing and travelling - suddenly realised I'm leaving it a bit late to get pregnant. I would love to be a Mum, and happy with the notion that the father is as much a part of the child's life as he wants to be. I'm financially independent and have a supportive network of friends and family. Everyone says I'd make a great Mum, I'm sensitive and loving. I completely believe it too. If you think you can help, please be in touch. I live in Scotland, but have a car and am willing to travel, within limits.

by wayne47 » 23 Feb 2016

Like to coparent for you am in liverpool single we can ni or ai if you want txt if interested

by cki1992 » 26 Feb 2016

Saw your post and you sound like the kind of lady i'm looking for! I would love to help somebody such as yourself, whose ready to be a mother. I'm open to amount of involvement!
Would be nice to chat more and see if im the right person for you! Please get in touch if you're interested!
J xx

by CJJ82 » 20 Apr 2016

I'm in Scotland. Please get in touch if you like my profile and we can talk about things.

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